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Custom Designs Made Here: Personalized Wall Quotes and Vinyl Expressions

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Some of Your Vinyl Word Art Projects--On Wood, Walls, Tile

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Our Premium Quality Vinyl is Commercial Grade

Your custom vinyl wall lettering and wall word art are precision cut just how you design them here on our site. They will be reproduced *exactly* as you've typed in the words.

You're getting only the best: We use only the highest quality US-made vinyl. It's much stronger and sticks better than the cheap vinyl from other merchants.

How Thick is Vinyl Lettering? How Do I Apply It?

Vinyl lettering is very thin, about the thickness of three coats of paint, and it is applied like a sticker. Your vinyl wall sayings will be sent to you as pre-spaced, pre-pasted letters or decals with transfer tape behind them. Cut the lettering into pieces or sections if you want, and press onto your wall, tile, window, or other flat surface.

If you order more than one phrase or an ornament, each line will be sent separately in one tube mailer. This means that you can overlap phrases and position the wall art exactly how you want it. If you need to break up words, just cut through the backing with scissors inbetween the letters or words.


Why Choose Vinyl Wall Lettering and Vinyl Wall Quotes?

Ever want to completely customize the look and mood of your home or business? Personalize a gift or nursery with a baby name or monogram? Vinyl words and decals are easier and cleaner than paint but look hand painted. Apply them like a sticker and remove by using your finger or tweezers to peel off. There's no mess and minimal prep. Just rub on!

Design your own vinyl wall art and personalize a baby nursery, kid's room, family room, laundry room, or even bathroom. College dorms or rentals are perfect for wall vinyl quotes since the vinyl peels off without residue.

Lettering as Unique as You

Using our custom lettering design tool above, you can make your walls say anything, in the colors and sizes you want. Choose a classic font or go swirly and decorative. Add a swoosh, swirl, or decorative ornament to your wall art. Put up your favorite quote and bend it around your entryway's arch. Past customers have used all these approaches to make their walls look fantastic.

Change Your Style or Season

Put up a favorite holiday saying or image, decorate for a wedding, rotate favorite quotes on your wall--the options are endless. One of the best things about vinyl wall quotes is that they can be easily removed. Just grab the edge with tweezers or even your fingers and carefully pull the vinyl off the wall. That's it!


Where Can I Put My Personalized Vinyl Wall Quotes and Wall Expressions?

I Need My Design on Something Besides a Wall. Will it Work?

Vinyl wall quotes can be easily applied to most surfaces: wood, glass (think cars, window, mirrors), tiles, and of course, walls! Even if you have textured walls or cinder block, just make sure you rub the vinyl wall quote so it adheres to all surfaces of the wall and you're all set. They're great in the dining room, bathroom, living room, kids rooms, baby nurseries, and laundry. For businesses and churches, chiropractors, schools, and clinics.


Need A Design You Don't See Here?

Let us know!

Personalize your gifts with family names, monograms, etc. We'll help you make vinyl lettering for wood signs, plaques, ceramic tile, glass block, plates, or almost anything! If you can't get it the way you need it with the design tool above, just contact us and we'll get right back to you. We'll do a custom design according to your specifications and send you a PayPal invoice once you're ready to order.

Customer Raves

I received everything.. the [vinyl expressions] are PERFECT! Thank you soooooo much! Making us look good! Might just have to order some more things! :) Thank you Thank you, thank you...for your help! Awesome! ~Oct, 2014

I just received a custom wall quote from you -- hung it up -- and love it. I want to do more. ~Aug, 2014

I ordered from your company earlier this year and the lettering came out great. [I'd like to order again] for my company wall. ~Aug, 2014

I searched several online [custom vinyl lettering] sites and none compared with yours, especially with regards to ease of customizing and choices. ~June, 2014

The wall art decal arrived yesterday. It is perfect. We had it all up in about 45 minutes. My daughter is thrilled. ~Jan, 2014

The wall decal arrived today and I'll be hanging it this week -- it looks terrific! ~Feb, 2014

I love, love, love my custom expression on my wall. It's exactly how I envisioned it. You guys are awesome. The color (metallic silver) is beautiful, the font is beautiful, the instructions worked perfectly (something that almost never happens these days), and you shipped it lickity split. I am 500% happy! ~Feb, 2014

Your wall words have really made a difference in the presentation of our factory. We have already received many compliments! ~Feb, 2014

Your quick response certainly demonstrates high-quality customer service and a commitment to excellence! Thanks to you personally and thanks to Vinyl Wall Expressions! ~Mar, 2014

Thank you for your prompt refund. And thank you again for your wonderful product! ~Mar, 2014

Wow that was fast service!!! We LOVE our Wall Expression! I've attached a picture - it looks great in our kitchen above the stove. Great work!!! ~Jan, 2013

Thank you for the "Family" vinyl wall art. I added it to my family picture wall. It looks fantastic! It has been a delight to work with you. Thank you again for everything. ~Jan, 2013

Our custom wall quote came in less than a week! Thanks so much!~Nov, 2012

You guys have been absolutely fantastic! Thank you SO much for all your patience with my questions and all of your help! I can't wait until everything gets here! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs vinyl lettering!~Oct, 2012

Everyone LOVED the custom wall words! ~May, 2012

Wanted to let you know I loved the vinyl came out great!! I'll be contacting you again for more of them! ~May, 2012

I love my wall quote that I just received. It\'s exactly what I was looking for. ~April, 2012

I LOVE my wall art letters! This is an excellent site to order from. Easy to order, easy to apply. The art dresses up my family room wonderful!! Will definitely order from you again!! ~April, 2012

Wow! Awesome! Beautiful! Just a few remarks by members of the church I attend. Thank you so much! Very pleased with the vinyl lettering! Looks great on wall! ~Jan, 2012

Loved your site! ~Jan, 2012

Looked at a lot of sites, but loved your font and color selection. The kids enjoyed designing their wall quotes. ~July, 2011

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