About Vinyl Wall Expressions

Vinyl Wall Expressions is located in sunny Colorado. It was started by two sisters-in-law back in 2006 who loved to create and decorate their homes with uplifting words and quotes.

As our designs were noticed by neighbors, friends and family, we started hosting at home vinyl parties. Our parties grew bigger and bigger, as our guests were telling their friends and family all about their experience with us.

To meet the demand of such a large customer base, VinylWallExpressions.com was born. We were now able to take our laptops with us to the parties and let our customers preview their designs right before their eyes!

Once they were able to visualize their ideas and quotes for their walls and home, our business boomed! Unable to keep up with home parties and our website, we stopped our home party side of the business, just to focus on online sales.

After moving from smaller locations, we are now in our third location and hope to stay for a long time. In our 14 years of business we have helped thousands of customers decorate their homes, school, churches, hospitals, and business with the power of words.

We have done work for large corporations, museums, art galleries, party planners, and have been featured in HGTV magazine, TWICE!

We love how vinyl can be transformed into words, quotes, shapes, and unique designs that are personal to you. Our vinyl can also be placed on various surfaces and lasts for years without the mess and pain of paint. Take a look around at our hundreds of pre-made designs, or design your own.

Take your imagination on a ride!