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10 Ways Vinyl Lettering Might Surprise You

10 Ways Vinyl Lettering Might Surprise You

Yes, this is vinyl.


And yes, that’s vinyl.

Count Your Many Blessings Name Them One By One
Count Your Many Blessings Name Them One By One

And yes, those are vinyl!

Groom Bride
Groom Bride

Welcome to the widely-undiscovered, real world of vinyl! How do people love to use vinyl lettering?

Let’s count the ways: walls, cars, boats, windows, tiles, canvas pictures, street signs, and almost any surface!

As in other art expressions, the opportunities are forever endless.

My purpose today is to further open your eyes to the dazzling, splendiferous, happily versatile World of Vinyl Lettering!

Top 10 Ways to Use Vinyl Lettering

1) Home Décor – Walls, Ceilings, Floors, & Do-Dad Decorations

Label your kids’ rooms, places, spaces, and faces! (I’m actually not sure if vinyl could go on skin, but for our purposes, I’ll just go ahead and advise against that one.)

2) On Your Boat – Your Boat’s Name & Registration Info

Personally, I don’t own a boat, but if I did I would name it “The Little Spirit” and use bright pink vinyl lettering with a thick, dark, metallic grey shadow behind the letters.

3) In Your Place of Business’ Windows

Put it on the windows INSTEAD of spending thousands of dollars on other signage. $50 Vinyl Wall Lettering or $2,000 sign, hmm… you do the math. And if you can’t, join my club, and I’ll give you the bottom line–the $50 one is cheaper and just as professional!

Vinyl Wall Lettering Designs Event & Floral Designing Studio
L Party Designs Event & Floral Designing Studio

4) On Wood – The Kind in Your House or Other Such Establishment

Put vinyl on your front door! Check out what these people did! They’re ‘why not?’ people. Me likey!

Rah Rah TCU
Rah Rah TCU

5) On Tile – Kitchen & Bathroom – Which is Actually Not That Uncommon

I see all these crazy, radical people putting cool sayings in their kitchens and bathrooms, and I think to myself, “Yes! Rock on you guys!”

Family Matters Family is Everything Families Are Forever Family First
Family Matters Family is Everything Families Are Forever Family First

6) In Your Classroom!

Calling all teachers – decorate please! Jazz up your classroom environment with a cool message:

Please Excuse the Mess My Students Are Learning
Please Excuse the Mess My Students Are Learning

7) What about a Metal Surface?

Like A Filing Cabinet or Metal Message Board? Or your fridge?? I’ve seen a lot of people put diet reminders on their fridges – handwritten post-its, dinky little magnets, but what if you had a beautiful, uplifting way to remind yourself of your commitment to your diet? You could use this witty line, “Bigger snacks mean bigger slacks” or this quote I found by Jim Davis, “Avoid fruits and nuts. You are what you eat.”:P Yeah, it’s a little out there, but who knows? You might want to check into this idea. Some of the greatest ideas were ridiculed before being called genius!

8) Seasonal Decorations!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah – Do your holidays right, and impress your guests! Your vinyl lettering just might be a hot topic during your holidays. And it just might not be. But I can tell you, it’s one of those self-expression things that people love to admire. 🙂

The Stockings Were Hung From the Chimney With Care
The Stockings Were Hung From the Chimney With Care

9) Brag About your Kids (mobile – ily)!

In style, of course! Make them (and you 🙂 look really good by putting vinyl lettering on your car windows. People love to read things about how great your children are! It’s true!

You Are My Sunshine Caroline and Lily
You Are My Sunshine Caroline and Lily

10) And Of Course, Signs Galore!

Plastic sidewalk signs, signs for conferences, and signs for events (parties, weddings, and religious ceremonies!) Love this one:

Welcome to the Armadillo Bar & Grill Chat n' Chew and Ketchup Too!
Welcome to the Armadillo Bar & Grill Chat n’ Chew and Ketchup Too!

Top 10 – bam! Oh, but the list goes on and on and on. That’s what Google tells me anyway, and I believe everything I read. As should you, but when you click out of this blog, feel free to become skeptical again. 😉

Caitlin’s Conclusion about the World of Vinyl Lettering:

Every morning I wake up and look at my vinyl-aly decorated wall first, and what a simplistically splendid way to start my day! I think to myself, “Self, you did that. And it looks awesome. What other awesome

things are you going to do today?” Positive affirmations never hurt anyone!

So, to whoever invented the World of Vinyl Lettering, I send my thanks:

Thank you for creating an easy way to take my decorating passions and pursuits to the next level. Thank you for giving me a way to impress those I love and those I don’t love around me with my creativity.

Thank you for enhancing our lives with such a blissfully versatile, beautifully user-friendly tool.


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2 thoughts on “10 Ways Vinyl Lettering Might Surprise You

  1. Question: Are the decals reusable? I want to have the vinyl lettering on my wall now, but I want to paint my wall a different color later this year, will they stick just as well the 2nd time around?

  2. Hi Christine,
    thanks for your comment! Our vinyl is removable, but not re-usable. After the vinyl is removed, it loses quite a bit of adhesive, and stretched out.

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