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Bedroom Vinyl: Sleep Tight with these Top 5 Uses

The bedroom is one of the most commonly vinyl-improved areas of the house!

And we’re glad it is! It sweetens the room and adds that perfect, cozy touch. It’s above the bed, over the dresser, and even labels the shoes in your closet! I love when people put these in their children’s rooms, too – it’s just so lovely! So, snuggle up under that pretty little vinyl wall expression, and check out these wistfully, wonderful ones!

Top 5 Ways to Use Vinyl in Your Bedroom:

1) Over Your Bed!

Enhance your place of rest with that perfect quote, saying, or other custom vinyl lettering expression. Cuddle up with these charming expressions:

Goodnight and sweet dreams bedroom vinyl

2) Child Names!

Love these!! You took great care in selecting the perfect name for your perfect bundle of joy, so creatively put up your kids’ names in their rooms! Doze off with these absolutely adorable ones:

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3) Sweet Nothings 🙂

In your kids’ rooms, let them know how much momma and poppa love them, even while they sleep! Safety blankets or animals will pale in comparison to these bedroom vinyl expressions.

Sleep tight we love you custom wall decal

4) Dream Quotes!

Dream a little dream with me… I had to do a category just for dreams, because there is so much to say about them! So, dream with these:

5) Inspirational Quotes

The bedroom is such a personal place. So, say what you want to say to yourself and whoever else enters. Don these fresh quotes and sayings in vinyl!

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Oh, how wonderful these bedroom expressions are! I’m inspired once again by the ingenuity of so many vinyl wall expressions’ customers. They make the world brighter and just a little bit lighter for the rest of us. So jump on the bed to join them, and add your voice to your bedroom walls!

To cozy, snuggly bedrooms,


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