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Sleep Tight Tonight Under Vinyl In Your Bedroom! (Top 5 Uses)

Sleep Tight Tonight Under Vinyl In YourBedroom! (Top 5 Uses)

The bedroom is one of the most common vinyl-y improved areas of the house 🙂

And we’re glad it is! It sweetens the room and adds that perfect, cozy touch. It’s above the bed, over the dresser, and even labels the shoes in your closet! I love when people put these in their children’s rooms, too – it’s just so lovely! So, snuggle up under that pretty little vinyl wall expression, and check out these wistfully, wonderful ones!

Top 5 Ways to Use Vinyl in Your Bedroom:

1) Over Your Bed!

Enhance your place of rest with that perfect quote, saying, or other custom vinyl lettering expression. Cuddle up with these charming expressions:

2) Child Names!

Love these!! You took great care in selecting the perfect name for your perfect bundle of joy, so creatively put up your kids’ names in their rooms! Doze off with these absolutely adorable ones:

3) Sweet Nothings 🙂

In your kids’ rooms, let them know how much momma and poppa love them, even while they sleep! Safety blankets or animals will pale in comparison to vinyl! Of course!

4) Dream Quotes!

Dream a little dream with me… I had to do a category just for dreams, because there is so much to say about them! So, dream with these:

5) Inspirational Quotes!

The bedroom is such a personal place. So, say what you want to say to yourself and whoever else enters. Don these fresh quotes and sayings!

Oh, how wonderful are these bedroom expressions! I’m inspired once again by the ingenuity of so many vinyl wall expressions’ customers. They make the world brighter and just a little bit lighter for the rest of us. So jump on the bed to join them, and add your voice to your bedroom walls!

To cozy, snuggly bedrooms,


Design Junkie & New Vinyl Wall Expressions User

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Working Your Office With Custom Vinyl (Top 5 Uses)

Working Your Office With Custom Vinyl (Top 5 Uses)

Turn on your computer, pull up your chair, and get to work! ‘Cuz vinyl wall expressions are workin’ it in the office! From intelligent notions, to whimsical daydreams vinyl will most productively capture your working environments’ essence.

You might wanna roll out the vinyl chair mat (a distant cousin to custom vinyl lettering as it turns out) because chairs are going to roll for this! It’s pretty exciting, so take a few notes!

Top 5 Ways to Use Vinyl in Your Office:

1) Brilliant Words!

Be smart. Be wise. Be funny. Be zealous! Whatever you want to be, you can be! Check some of these “be’s”:

Custom Vinyl Office Quotes

Custom Vinyl Office Lettering

Custom Vinyl Office Decal

2) Preparation Quotes!

What are you doing in your office – preparing for a project or homework? Feel free to brainstorm with some of these prep quotes:

Preparation Vinyl Wall Quote

Preparation Vinyl Office Quote

Preparation Vinyl Office Decal

3) Office/Art Studio Sayings!

Is your office more of a studio? You’re not alone- these are other vinyl lettering customers’ studio quotes. Get your paint on with some of these:

Art Vinyl Wall Quote

Art Vinyl Wall Decal

4) Three Words or Less!

Say it, then get back to work! Efficient quotes:

Vinyl Office Quotes

Custom Vinyl Office Decal

Custom Vinyl Office Quote

5) All Other Office Remarks!

Resplendent religious quotes, creative character-building quotes, and other magnificently motivational sayings! Read into some of these:

Vinyl Religious Office Quote

Custom Vinyl Office Decal

Inspirational Vinyl Office Quote

Custom Vinyl Office Quote

Inspirational Custom Vinyl Office Quote

Oh, what intellectual treasures can be found in the office! But even though you have to work, work in style. Give that boring wall a reason to be stared at!  Work your office with custom vinyl lettering, and revel in the success of a beautifully balanced working environment!

Working hard with you,


Design Junkie & New Vinyl Wall Expressions User

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Load It Up! With Custom Vinyl in the Laundry Room! (Top 3 Uses)

Load It Up! With Custom Vinyl in the Laundry Room! (Top 3 Uses)

Wash it out, dry it up, and fold it over- we’ve got vinyl in laundry rooms! The idea’s so stupendous; let’s take a look at the loads of fun vinyl wall expressions’ customers are having in the laundry room!

Top 3 Ways to Use Vinyl in Your Laundry Room:

1) Call It What It Is!

The Laundry Room! Set to spin with some of these custom vinyl expressions:

Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Decal

Laundry Vinyl Wall Quote

Laundry Room Vinyl Lettering

Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Quote

Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Decal

2) Witty Laundry Quotes

They’ve done it again, those spunky vinyl wall expressions’ customers! ‘Softener’ your day with a look at some of these:

Laundry Vinyl Wall Quote

Laundry Vinyl Lettering

Laundry Vinyl Wall Quote

Laundry Vinyl Wall Decal

3) And the Rest!

Quick quips and funny trips…these will fold it up for us today:

Laundry Room Vinyl Wall Quote

Lost Socks Vinyl Wall Quote

Laundry Room Vinyl Lettering

Wash out those grass stains, ring the towels, and sniff the socks, but never forget to thank the stars for those people whose dirty laundry you must handle, ‘cuz without them life is like an empty dryer, unfilled…

Saving the world one load at a time,


Design Junkie & New Vinyl Wall Expressions User

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Welcome to our Home with Custom Vinyl Lettering! Front Porch & Entryway (Top 5 Uses)

Welcome to our Home with Custom Vinyl Lettering! Starting with the Front Porch & Entryway (Top 5 Uses)

And for the grand entrance…

It’s Vinyl for the Front Porch and Entryway!

What’s the first part of your home visitors see? Why yes, it’s the front porch and entryway! My purpose today is to help you “own” that first look with the right first impression.

Top 5 Ways to Use Vinyl for the Front Porch/Entryway:

1) Team Spirit!

Ever seen this done before, on the front door? Yeah, me neither! But what a cool idea to show your team spirit or celebrate the holidays with cute phrases! And I can guarantee you this; you’ll be the only one in your neighborhood with an awesome vinyl-y decorated front door! How’s that for a smashing design guarantee?

Custom Vinyl Door Lettering

2) Family Name!

Honor. Courage. Integrity. Loyalty. Oh, ‘tis true many families from the middle ages bore a family coat of arms. So, if your family doesn’t already have one, what would you make it look like? Check out some of these “modern-age versions of a family “coat-of-arms” if you will…

Custom Vinyl Family Name Decal

Family Name Vinyl Lettering

Family Name Vinyl Quote

Custom Vinyl Lettering Family Name

3) Welcome Messages!

Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Aloha! Willkommen! Benvenuti! Welcome! Say it however you want, the meaning is the same – You’re welcome here, and please come in!

Custom Vinyl Welcome Message

Custom Vinyl Irish Welcome

(Translation – Irish for “A Thousand Welcomes”)

Welcome Vinyl Lettering

Welcome Custom Vinyl Decal

4) Personal Family Phrases!

What’s more important than family? Nothing! So, express it through vinyl so everyone knows without a doubt what your highest priority is and always will be!

Family Custom Vinyl Quotes

Custom Vinyl Quotes Family

Family Vinyl Decal

Home Custom Vinyl Decal

Custom Vinyl Lettering Home

5) General Family Phrases!

These always touch the heart and fill it with that warmth that home brings. Check out these simple, splendiferous ones:

Home Vinyl Lettering

Family Custom Vinyl Quotes

Family Custom Vinyl Lettering

Home Vinyl Lettering

Ah, so sweet is the love of a mother or sister or brother! Whoever you are, and wherever you may be in the world, you know how important family is and consequently how important the home is. From the moment visitors step foot in your home, they’ll have a good sense of what kind of people you are.

So, show the world what your family bond means to you!

And then, as the French say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” or “Let the good times roll!”

Sending a special thank you to my own lovely family,


Design Junkie & New Vinyl Wall Expressions User

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Boys room wall border with sticky vinyl cars and trucks decals

Looking for a fun, inexpensive border for a boy’s room? Here’s a great idea from using pictures of cars and trucks, along with wall words inbetween the art. They made three sets of trucks each in a different color. Then they stuck the trucks to the wall and mixed the colors together so each vehicle had 3 different colors of vinyl on it.

We’re offering the 6 trucks in sets. You can choose whether you want 1, 2, or 3 sets so if you want you can mix the colors like in the tutorial but you don’t have to. Just type the colors you want into the Colors field in the form below.

If you want the wall words also, add them to your cart using the 2nd PayPal button below.

View the tutorial here.

*FREE US SHIPPING for items over $20*

To Buy, choose:

  • set of 6 vehicles (height 6 inches) in 1, 2, or 3 colors (ambulance, fire truck, police car, semi truck, pickup truck, car). Vehicles are pictured below. Colors are pictured below also.
  • set of 4 vinyl words (height 3 inches) in one color “Vroom! Honk! Toot! Beep!”

Buy Vinyl Cars and Trucks for Boys Wall Border

There will be a separate set of 6 for EACH color, so if you choose 3 colors, you’ll receive 18 vehicles.

How Many Colors
Which Colors

Buy Vinyl Wall Words for Boys Wall Border

You’ll receive the 4 words in the ONE color that you specify in the form below. Choose a color from the palette in the image below. Words are “Vroom! Honk! Toot! Beep!”

Choose ONE Color


Optional colors for vinyl wall art and vinyl lettering and vinyl wall quotes
Optional colors for vinyl wall art and vinyl lettering

Or design your own vinyl wall quotes, view a gallery of others customers’ vinyl art designs, or view the list of vinyl quote ideas.

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Celebrate the 4 Seasons with Vinyl Lettering Decals

Decorate your home or office for the four seasons with vinyl lettering and art. This awesome decor idea would also be a great window accent in a kids room, nursery, or preschool window.

For more info, see the tutorial over at HowDoesShe–this is another one of their great ideas. They’ve applied the quotes to a glass sliding door, but it would work just as well on a wall or on wood.

As always, this set will arrive all ready for you to just peel and stick!

In this Set:

  1. 4 quotes: “It’s Spring!”, “It’s Summer!”, “It’s Fall!”, “It’s Winter!”
  2. Vinyl art:  3 flowers, 3 watermelons, 3 leaves, and 3 snowflakes (as pictured)

Price: $24.50

***FREE US Shipping for items over $20***

fall winter spring summer vinyl wall letters and art
fall winter spring summer vinyl wall letters and art


Or design your own vinyl wall quotes, view a gallery of others customers’ vinyl art designs, or view the list of vinyl quote ideas.

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Vinyl Wall Art for Kid’s Rooms

Vinyl Lettering is a great way to customize your child’s room. Add your child’s name with flowers or baseballs. Or if you have a themed room like pirates, farm, or even ponies, you could add vinyl wall art very easily to the walls, a wooden sign, doors, mirrors, or windows.

You can also use vinyl art for shapes like polka dots, swirls, or even stripes.  You can make a text path of a wave, arch, or circle. The best part about vinyl lettering is that you can easily remove it from your walls when you want to change the room décor. When your child moves from Noah’s Ark to Pirates, you can change their decor shapes and colors.

Vinyl lettering in a child’s room can also be used as a border that will coordinate with the room’s theme. For instance, for an outer space themed room, you could use stars vinyl wall art all over and then a rocket as a border around the room.
The sky’s the limit with vinyl lettering.

Below are some examples for a girl’s room with a personalized child’s name in vinyl lettering and a vinyl wall art pony shape.

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December Holiday Giveaway: Win FREE vinyl lettering

Enter now for the December holiday giveaway. Three Facebookers will win the holiday vinyl wall art pictured below.

This month’s contest is a Facebook “tell-a-friend” promo. No limit to the number of entries you can have!

To enter:
When your friend “fans” VWE on Facebook, have them mention you on our wall and you’ll both get an entry. Tell two friends and get two entries. Tell more friends, get more entries!

BONUS: All new friends as of Dec 1st will get one entry automatically. Spread the word!

Tell your friends to “fan” VWE on Facebook by clicking here.

Bloggers: announce the contest on your blog and every reader who “friends” Vinyl Wall Expressions and mentions you on our wall will earn you both an entry. It’s a win-win!

win this free vinyl wall art
win this free vinyl wall art

Questions? Write us at [email protected] or go to our contact page.

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$50 to design your own vinyl wall art

Just a reminder that the One2Try contest is over in two days. Head on over to enter to win $50 of free custom vinyl lettering or art. Add us as a fan on Facebook for an additional entry.

And as a wrap on our October contest, three of our Facebook fans were awarded $20 vouchers to use on their own custom vinyl wall art. In November we’re planning a bigger contest, so stay tuned!

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Fall Giveaway–FREE Vinyl Lettering Art

It’s here: our first Fall vinyl art giveaway. We wanted you all to know that we just launched a Facebook page. So to spread the word, we’re giving away this original vinyl art to THREE lucky people who become VWE Facebook fans.

The winners can choose the art or a $20 credit toward any design made with the Vinyl Wall Expressions custom lettering designer.

WIN this vinyl art
WIN this vinyl art

TO ENTER: Go to our Facebook page and add yourself as a “fan”.

That’s it…We’ll draw the names of three fans on November 1st and announce via Facebook. Choose your color! And since at the writing of this post we have just one fan (me!), your chances are looking pretty good:)

As always, thanks for stopping by. We have planned at least one giveaway a month, so keep in touch and tell your friends!

Or start designing your own custom lettering on the Vinyl Wall Expressions home page.

Update: The giveaway has been featured on! Thanks to Donna for being so great to work with. It’s a fun community, so check it out!