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6 Ways Custom Vinyl Decals Can Boost Your Business

6 Ways Custom Vinyl Lettering Can Boost Your Business

Yes, there are 6! And what’s more is that’s just a minimum.

So, step into my office, and tell me, what business are you in? Health & Wellness, Retail, Construction, Insurance? Well, whatever it may be, you’re in the right place!

You and me, we’re going to tap into our creative genius and list 6 different ways to use custom vinyl lettering in your business …

1) Business Names!

Part of your business includes your business name and getting it out there to the big wide world! So, hang up that phone, put on those glasses, and scroll through some of these:

Business Vinyl Lettering Logo

Custom Vinyl Lettering Business Logo

Business Logo Custom Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Lettering Business Name

Business Name Custom Vinyl Lettering

Business Name Custom Vinyl Lettering

2) Your Slogan!

We know you have a clever, fun, exciting slogan! So, personalize your place of business, and create your own custom vinyl lettering slogan for your walls or windows!

Business Slogan Custom Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Lettering Business Slogan

Business Slogan Vinyl Lettering

3) Mission Statements!

Let them know what you stand for! Let them see it clear as day! Hang it high and with pride! Since your mission statement describes the core of your business, you definitely want those you do business with to know what it is – to know your core values, and by extension to know you. So, put them up!

Here are a few stimulating mission statements:

Business Mission Statement Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Lettering Business Mission Statement

4) Instructions

Let them know where they’re going and when! Vinyl lettering is perfect for hours of operation, product displays, product specials, restrooms, and more!

For example, a customer in your business might turn to his/her companion and ask, “When do they close?” then swing around blindly searching for the answer as if just the simple act of asking a question produces an answer. But Smarty Pants You and your company have already anticipated this way of thinking and compensated for it.

So, with wide eyes, you slowly point to the posted vinyl hours of operation. These customers stare in wonder at your company’s foresight, and instantly generate respect for you and your company.

And just like that, you’ve generated another loyal customer for your company! Keep it up, and you might just get a promotion!

Business Hours Custom Vinyl Lettering

Use wall vinyl to label areas of your business for communicative purposes. Please observe below:

Custom Business Vinyl Lettering

Custom Vinyl Lettering Business

5) Letters for Wall Displays!

Make that wall display look professional! Organize it by creating a custom vinyl wall lettering title. Like this one:

Business Wall Display Vinyl Lettering

And this one:

Vinyl Lettering Business Wall Display

6) Inspirational Quotes and Phrases

There probably isn’t a business out there that hasn’t been inspired by a great leader. Vinyl wall quotes get that timeless wisdom up where visitors can share in the inspiration. Here are some of the examples of businesses that have done just that:

Inspirational Business Quote Vinyl Lettering

Inspirational Business Quotes Vinyl Lettering

Business Quote Vinyl Lettering

So, there they are – the 6 best ways to boost your business with custom vinyl lettering!

Get your image out there and in the most creative, professional way possible. Make them admire you and your business. Make them feel that passion you have for your work! Make them believe!

Until next time my fellow creative human beings,


Design Junkie & New Vinyl Wall Expressions User

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Decorating with Vinyl Lettering-Linda with Craftaholics Anonymous

We’re excited to announce a series of upcoming blog posts with some of our colleagues and customers who use vinyl for their businesses.

Today we’re thrilled to speak with Linda, the brains and inspiration behind Craftaholics Anonymous and She shares what it’s like to be a pro blogger and craft designer with young children. Thanks, Linda!

P.S. Have you seen how cute her patterns are at RuffledBegonia? Wow!

**If you or your business would like to be interviewed, please drop us a line.**

How do you juggle your writing, business, two little kids, and your craftaholism?

It’s not easy, that’s for sure!! What helps me a lot is to prioritize my tasks. Each day I set 1-2 goals that I would like to get done for my blog, decide the best way to accomplish them, and then hope for the best!! With two young kids, my schedule has to be flexible and my family always comes first. So if I don’t get done what I had hoped to, that’s ok. I do the best I can!

One other thing that I have found is if I need to get something done on my computer, to avoid social media sites until I’m done with my task(s). I get on, get my writing/photo editing done, and then if I have time, then I go to my Facebook or twitter pages. Those sites can sap your time very quickly and waste the precious moments you have before the baby wakes up.

Craftaholics Anonymous
Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous

How did you transition your blog to a business with advertising and sponsors?

Very good question! When I felt my following was large enough to offer value to sponsors, I simply created a button on my sidebar that said, “Advertise Here” with a link to an advertising page with more info.

Were you nervous when you had to give up alphabetizing your pantry?

Yes. After having kids, losing control of how clean/organized my house was a tough transition. I was a clean freak before the kids came. I thrived on cleaning my house very regularly. When I could no longer do that, it stressed me out! Watching my child with spaghetti covered fingers wipe his hands on everything in sight was about more than I could handle! LOL! Now I am very used to messes and lots of them with 2 little boys! haha

What have you changed in your house lately?

I just redid my Master Bedroom! (I love how it turned out! the gray, yellow, and black came together so nicely!)

I love tweaking and changing things around our home! We are currently trying to sell our house, so when I change the decor or layout of a room, buyers are like, “It looks nothing like the pictures on your listing!” It kind of makes me laugh because my home almost never looks the same week to week!

Awesome master bed remodel
Linda’s awesome master bed remodel

Do you have any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

I just opened up a pattern shop, and I’ve got some really awesome ideas for a couple patterns! And yes, most of them include ruffles 🙂

Have you ever had a craft project go terribly wrong and were your kids involved?

Oh yes, I have had plenty of projects go COMPLETELY wrong! lol! One that makes me giggle is when I tried to cover a tennis ball with strips of red and cream toile fabric for an accent in my front room. The print was mainly cream with the design in red so when I was done covering the tennis ball, it looked like a bloody eyeball!!! It was aw*ful! Luckily it was right before Halloween, so I just stuck a googly eye on it and embraced the ugliness!

What bloggers do you love reading?

Ever since the baby was born in October, I haven’t had time to read blogs. But I used to love reading Pioneer Woman (who doesn’t?!) and Centsational Girl. Both fabulous ladies!!

Why is Vinyl Wall Expressions on your “Raves” list?

I love that Vinyl Wall Expressions lets you design your own custom vinyl decals!