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Superman Kids Vinyl Wall Decor-Custom Name


We'll email you for your custom text or name to go with the monogram. Limit 6 characters.

Total Height choices in inches: 8 ($16.99), 12 ($19.99), 15 ($26.99)


Child’s Name (up to 20 characters) *

Product Description



Additional Information

Dimensions22 in

12 inches, 15 inches, 22 inches

Glossy Colors

Glossy Black, Glossy Cream, Glossy Ivory, Glossy Butter Cream, Glossy Light Orange, Glossy Ice Blue, Glossy Gentian Blue, Glossy Teal, Glossy King Blue, Glossy Deep Sea Blue, Glossy Light Grey, Glossy Brown, Glossy Burgundy, Glossy Dark Blue, Glossy Dark Green, Glossy Dark Red, Glossy Gold, Glossy Green, Glossy Light Brown, Glossy Lime-Tree Green, Glossy Pink, Glossy Silver, Glossy Sky Blue, Glossy Soft Pink, Glossy Terracotta, Glossy Violet


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