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Vinyl Wall Art for Kid’s Rooms

Vinyl Lettering is a great way to customize your child’s room. Add your child’s name with flowers or baseballs. Or if you have a themed room like pirates, farm, or even ponies, you could add vinyl wall art very easily to the walls, a wooden sign, doors, mirrors, or windows.

You can also use vinyl art for shapes like polka dots, swirls, or even stripes.  You can make a text path of a wave, arch, or circle. The best part about vinyl lettering is that you can easily remove it from your walls when you want to change the room décor. When your child moves from Noah’s Ark to Pirates, you can change their decor shapes and colors.

Vinyl lettering in a child’s room can also be used as a border that will coordinate with the room’s theme. For instance, for an outer space themed room, you could use stars vinyl wall art all over and then a rocket as a border around the room.
The sky’s the limit with vinyl lettering.

Below are some examples for a girl’s room with a personalized child’s name in vinyl lettering and a vinyl wall art pony shape.