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Wash, Brush, and Groom With Vinyl In the Bathroom! (Top 3 Uses)

Rub-a-dub it’s vinyl over your bathtub!

Somehow vinyl wall expressions users seem to get especially creative with vinyl in the bathroom, but I have to attribute this to the nature of a bathroom. Any vinyl user that puts vinyl in the bathroom has to take great care in addressing those subjects that aren’t well, let’s just say, exactly dinner-table appropriate. And the result is some of the cutest custom vinyl expressions I’ve ever seen!

You’ll want to comb these over and over!

Top 3 Ways to Use Vinyl in your Bathroom:

1) Over the Bathtub!

Oh, the bathtub’s one of the best places I know! It’s where some of the greatest inspirations and revelations come because I’m listening only to the sound of my own thoughts. So, put vinyl above this place of peace!

2) On the Mirror!

What a splendiferous idea to put vinyl on your bathroom mirror, somewhere you look every day! Let these custom vinyl quotes and humorous sayings wash over you:

3) Un-classifiable Vinyl Sayings for the Bathroom!

Put these on the walls, above the tub, above the toilet or on the mirror. Each one is a brilliantly creative bathroom vinyl lettering saying!

Wondering where this last one came from or what exactly a headcrab is?! Well, that makes two of us, but it made me laugh so I don’t feel the need to ask any more questions.

I thought vinyl wall expressions customers did an outstanding job of decorating the bathroom by keeping it real with just the right level of bathroom innuendos. They said what needs to be said about the bathroom, and they did it with proper poise!

So, rub-a-dub in your bathtub, and may the bubbles forever be in your bath,


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