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19 Best Living Room Wall Decals

It's Good to Be Home Vinyl Wall Decal

Viva la Vida in your Living Room!

Custom vinyl wall decals are the perfect way to spruce up your living room! There are limitless possibilities, but these are the 19 wall quotes that took our breath away (and are sure to do the same for everyone who comes through your front door):

4 Inspirational Quotes

There are so many, and yet, I never get sick of searching for and reading them all! Check out these 4 uplifting ones:

Cherish The Special Moment and Let Them Take Your Breath Away Inspirational Living Room Wall Decal

Remember this every time you’re playing soccer with your kids and you take a shot to the stomach.

Dream As If You Could Live Forever Live Like You Only Have Today Motivational Wall Quote

Just don’t spend too much time asleep.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World Gandhi Vinyl Wall Quote

Gandhi always said it best.

Write Your Troubles in Sand and Your Blessings In Stone Motivational Wall Decal

There’s no wrong place to put this in your house, but it certainly helps make the living room more peaceful.

4 Family Mission Statements

Why not share your family’s hopes and dreams with those who come into your home? Why not display them for yourself and your family to see and remember every day? These 4 family purpose statements will inspire you to put up your own:

Don't Limit Your Challenges Challenge Your Limits Vinyl Wall Quote

And for all you mathematicians who are challenged by limits, don’t forget L’Hospital’s Rule.

Live Laugh Love Living Room Vinyl Wall Decal

The perfect excuse to make your kids play Monopoly the right way.

Our Purpose Family Wall Decal

Fill the heart of your home with what’s in your heart.

We Create Our Tomorrow By What We Dream Today Inspiration Vinyl Wall Decal

What better quote to take a quick cat nap under?

5 Family Maxims

Remember that thing Dad always said? What about Mom or Grandma? Here are 5 quotes to honor the guru in your family:

All You Need is Faith, Trust, and a Little Bit of Pixie Dust Custom Wall Decal

And probably Peter Pan.

Happiness Is Homemade Vinyl Wall Quote

We call it brownies.

Time Spent With Family Is Worth Every Second Best Family Wall Quote

Perfect for where your whole family gathers together!

A Good Laugh And A Long Nap Are The Best Cures Custom Vinyl Wall Quote

True home medicine.

Get It Yeet It Custom Vinyl Wall Decal

While you may read “get it”, your kid sees “yeet it”.

3 Relaxing Wall Quotes

Add a little extra vacation to your home with some vinyl wall decals! Steal these 3 chillin’ quotes to compliment your living room (or design your own mental vacation response):

Sunny Days, Relaxing Sunsets, Cool Drinks, and Sand Between Your Toes Motivational Vinyl Wall Quote

The perfect complement to beach decor!

I Had Rather Be On My Farm Than Emperor of the World George Washington Vinyl Wall Quote

Don’t worry, gardening’s not for everyone.

Take A Deep Breath You're Home Now Living Room Wall Decal

For some reason this always makes me think of E.T.

3 Wall Decorations

These custom letters make a perfect complement to your living room décor. A little design goes a long way! So, try these top 3 on for size:

Live, Laugh, Love Custom Vinyl Wall Decal

If your not doing the second two, are you really doing the first?

Imagination The Highest Kite You Can Fly Inspirational Vinyl Wall Quote

Kites are always more fun with Mary Poppins.

Adventure Life Pushed To The Limit Custom Vinyl Wall Quote

Not every hobbit needs to leave their cozy hole to find adventure- it’s right there on the wall!

As a child my family moved every two years, but I can remember every living room we had. It was the place our family came together the most, to eat, to talk, to be couch potatoes, to read, to laugh, to yell, to rest.

The living room is a vital part of every home. So go on, and make your memories every day there! Give your living room the TLC it needs to keep everyone together, and all your memories in it will be just that much sweeter!